Under the Mistletoe | With A Thankful Heart

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Share gratitude with friends and loved ones at Christmas with our With A Thankful Heart notelet.

The card boasts a delicate line illustration on the front with text ‘With A Thankful Heart’, and has room for you to write your message on the back. It is printed on 350 gsm recycled Cairn Eco White card, duplexed for added luxury, using vegetable based printing inks at a carbon neutral printers based out of Surrey. Each card is then hand finished in house with Finetec Moon Gold for soft golden details. Choose whether you’d like a Gmund Gold History (gold), Kraft or Cairn Eco White envelope to accompany it.

Dimensions: A6

Please Note: As our cards are hand finished in house, no two cards are quite the same. Tiny variations may occur.



Under the Mistletoe pays homage to this beautiful, delicate, evergreen and endangered Christmas favourite.

Hanging mistletoe in our homes dates back to ancient civilisations bringing in the green to celebrate the winter solstice and represents eternal life and the return of vegetation at winter’s end. People believed mistletoe had healing powers and it has long been a symbol of peace and hope – that enemies could be reconciled under the mistletoe. It was those decorous Victorians who began hanging a ring of mistletoe up to kiss girls under. We also have them to thank for the Christmas card too.

We love mistletoe and because it is endangered in the UK due to the decline of traditionally managed orchards 50% of the profits from this card will help improve our orchards by making charitable donation to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. So your choice of card this Christmas will be spreading joy and helping the earth as it’s made from environmentally friendly products on 100% recycled paper.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 114 × 106 mm

350 gsm Cairn Eco White (a 100% recycled paper)

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